Sun protection products testing methods

Manufacturer before placing a sun protection product onto the market is obligated to conduct required tests confirming product’s protection against solar ultraviolet rays (UVB and UVA). Evaluation of SPF values of sunscreen products is determined by measurement and comparison of the minimum erythematous dose of cosmetic on protected skin with the value of the minimum erythematous dose applied on the unprotected skin. The test designates the degree of UVA sunscreen performed in vitro using specialist equipment and the PMMA plates. In order to rule out any changes as allergic or toxic effects after exposure to UV radiation is carried out assessment of phototoxicity and photoallergy.

J.S. Hamilton cosmetic testing facility offers:

  • method for the in vivo determination of the sun protection factor (SPF) of sunscreen products EN ISO 24444
  • specifies an in vitro procedure to characterize the UVA protection of sunscreen products PN–EN ISO 24443
  • Water Resistance – Very Water Resistance method for the in vivo in compliance with EN ISO 24444 and Cosmetics Europe guidelines
  • photoallergy labeling in compliance with Cosmetics Europe guidelines
  • phototoxicity labeling in compliance with Cosmetics Europe guidelines

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