Sensory analysis

Sensory analysis takes a special place among food testing because it provides information about product which cannot be obtained by other testing methods. The need to acquire and use this information when creating, controlling, and optimising products has resulted in a systematic increase in interest in sensory testing. This has contributed to the development of this type of analysis and strengthened its position among other basic laboratory services.

Entrusting sensory tests to experienced experts is essential to gain credible and useful information. J.S. Hamilton laboratories have been conducting sensory research in standardised and controlled conditions for years. This is possible thanks to a modern laboratory that meets the required standards. A well-trained and continuously monitored team of experts performs research using standardised methods and their own research procedures.

J.S. Hamilton laboratories offer various testing approaches to evaluate the sensory properties of a sample:

  • Organoleptic testing – simple descriptive method (1 expert)
  • Sensory testing – simple descriptive method (3 – 6 experts)
  • Sensory testing – evaluation method based on customer specifications
  • Sensory testing – descriptive and evaluation method – 1 product (5 evaluators)
  • Establishing sensory profiles
  • Triangle testing

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